Umbrellas and coffee

In a day when the market is flooded with exciting, new and useless crap, sometimes its delightfully refreshing to find products that one could only dream of before their actual inception.

Two examples of such brilliant product, can be found here. Scroll down and see first the coffee cup holder for your handle bars. How ingenious! (enthusiasm emphasized) Especially for you city riders, dodging in and out of a coffee shop mid-commute is now an easy choice! Nothing makes for a happier, coffee- addicted cyclist.

Scroll even further to find a product that will satisfy the bain of all hearty cyclists’ existence. The dreadful downpour. We’ve all been here: But really, there’s a better way! That’s what this new umbrella mount proposes at least.

So ride on die hards. With a coffee in your cup, a dry head, and a smile on your face, you are ready to take on the world. One pedal at a time.

And for heaven’s sake, have yourself a VERY Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “Umbrellas and coffee

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